Shaping Proactive Quality in 2021

Part 1: [Now On-Demand] Thursday, January 28th @10am ET | 3pm  GMT | 4pm CET 
Part 2: [Now On-Demand] Thursday, February 25th @10am ET | 3pm GMT | 4pm CET
Part 3: Thursday, March 25th @10am ET | 3pm GMT | 4pm CET

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How digital quality management solutions meet the expectations of today and tomorrow

Today’s Quality leaders are buried under existing and mounting pressures of myriad quality events, complex change controls, customer complaints in the thousands, product recalls, inspections, and audits in multiple sites on any given day.

How does one advocate for and execute innovative technologies and systems while maintaining current standards and operations?
Sparta’s life sciences experts have identified seven macro trends affecting the sector for which AI-enabled quality management can be the way forward. The interrelated relationships between these trends correlate to a quality manager’s need to have a wide-lens view, beyond the pressures of daily operations. This three-part series dives into each macro trend and continues to build on them throughout the series. Join all three to fully understand how these trends influence each other. 

Shaping Proactive Quality in 2021: Part 1 - Thursday, January 28th @10am ET | 3pm GMT | 4pm CET - VIEW ON DEMAND
In this first of three webinars, speakers Stephen McCarthy, Sparta Systems VP of Digital Innovation, and Joe Goodman, Sparta Systems VP of Sales Engineering, discussed the influences on the life sciences industry that are creating the current operating model each organization has to navigate to achieve a shift to Proactive Quality; the strengthening connection of quality management data on the shop floor with the aid of AI.

In this first webinar, participants learned how digital quality management innovations can contribute to:

  • Balancing the Bi-modal Challenge
  • Addressing Process Complexity and Variability
  • Keeping up with the Pace of Innovation

Shaping Proactive Quality in 2021: Part 2 -Thursday, February 25th @10am ET | 3pm GMT | 4pm CET - VIEW ON DEMAND
In part 2 our speakers continue their conversation as they go deeper into the influence of Industry 4.0, delivering high quality and safe innovative medical products for a changing world, and how quality management ultimately affects patient outcomes.

  • The State of Industry 4.0
  • Introduction of Novel Products
  • Patient Centricity 

Shaping Proactive Quality in 2021: Part 3 -Thursday, March 25th @10am ET | 3pm GMT | 4pm CET
In Part 3, the subjects of supply chain complexity and the rising Total Cost of Quality, round out the seven macro trends impacting life sciences quality. This session will shed light on how proactive quality and the integration of AI into a quality management system can have incredible impacts on these challenges.

  • Supply Chain Complexity
  • The Rising Total Cost of Quality


Joe Goodman, VP of Global Solutions Engineering

Stephen McCarthy, VP of Digital Innovation