Sparta Systems, Inc.

Companies are looking for ways to improve product quality, customer satisfaction and profitability while at the same time dealing with increasing costs, competition and regulatory pressures.

To address quality and compliance requirements, each functional area within a company often implements a point solution to meet specific needs. This approach has led to the proliferation of a wide variety of non-integrated systems that may help individual departments/divisions manage their responsibilities but have created data islands.

Disconnected systems make identifying and solving companywide issues extremely challenging since data integration and visibility across the global organization becomes very difficult. In addition, a modular approach to address quality management is an inefficient way to manage critical processes and often results in increased costs.

Utilizing an Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) backbone to manage quality and regulatory issues enables a broader and deeper view across the organization. It also facilitates the early identification of issues and supports a systematic approach to address them.

By using this backbone approach, an integrated Enterprise Quality Management Solution becomes an investment, instead of an expense. An enterprise quality management solution provides tangible benefits such as increase in revenues and margins, operational efficiencies, and global standardization for external and internal stakeholders and suppliers.