Van Gansewinkel Group Centralizes Quality with TrackWise

“Our implementation of TrackWise went very well. Our consultant was extremely helpful in guiding us through the implementation and training process, providing fast and helpful support every step of the way. Eventually, I was able to configure the system on my own without the need for assistance from Sparta, and after testing it found hardly any mistakes or errors.”

Alex Van Lent,
Business Process Consultant, Van Gansewinkel  
Van Gansewinkel Group Centralizes Quality with TrackWise

The Company

Van Gansewinkel Group is a supplier that collects and processes waste into raw materials and energy. Headquartered in the Benelux region, the company maintains offices in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Hungary and Portugal. Van Gansewinkel’s 5,800+ employees achieve an annual turnover of €1.1 billion.

Unlike others, Van Gansewinkel Group does not view waste as rubbish, but rather as the valuable beginning of a new cycle. As such, the company believes that waste embarks on another journey as raw material for tomorrow’s new goods and products. For Van Gansewinkel, waste no longer exists.

With subsidiaries Van Gansewinkel, Coolrec, Maltha and AVR, Van Gansewinkel Group has active operations across the entire waste chain.

The Challenge

As one of the world’s foremost processors of waste into energy with multiple business units throughout Europe, Van Gansewinkel Group is responsible for collecting, tracking and reporting data on a host of quality processes, including: incidents, deviations, inspections and Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPAs). Previously, the company relied heavily on traditional software systems, such as Microsoft’s Excel and Access applications, to enter and manage this business-critical data, with disparate applications in use at its multiple locations across Europe.

Though effective, the company soon realized that these systems were too disconnected for it to actually capture its quality information, and only allowed the registration and resolution of approximately 80 deviations across business units each year. Clearly, a new solution was required.

After an extensive review of its current capabilities, Van Gansewinkel Group determined that it needed a centralized platform from which it could manage, resolve and report on quality issues while instigating the proper actions to ensure they would be prevented from future occurrence. Because the company was the product of a merger between two distinct organizations, it also required a solution that could integrate the quality processes of both organizations and holistically manage these processes across all its additional business units.

Finding the Solution

Van Gansewinkel’s next step was to conduct an extensive search of available systems for managing quality and compliance. After testing several competing systems, Van Gansewinkel found Sparta Systems, the makers of TrackWise and the de facto standard in quality management and compliance solutions. The Sparta team presented the TrackWise enterprise quality management software (EQMS) for Van Gansewinkel, convincing its key stakeholders that the solution possessed all the capabilities the company required to safely track and manage its quality-related needs. This included the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of the environmental services industry, and the ability to manage and track incidents, deviations, CAPAs, inspections and all the other quality processes that impacted Van Gansewinkel’s business. The multi-language functionality in TrackWise proved to be another crucial factor in Van Gansewinkel’s selection of the system, as it ensured that the solution could be implemented across countries and business units, resulting in faster training of employees on the system and a more immediate realization of benefits.

Once Van Gansewinkel had selected TrackWise, the company worked with Sparta’s professional services team to define a tight and rigorous implementation schedule. Because of the extensive configurability inherent in TrackWise, the implementation was executed on schedule and validation completed in a mere three days, with the transfer of knowledge to the Van Gansewinkel team proving a seamless process. The team configured the system in three regions, eventually rolling it out to the Benelux region and training more than 1,200 employees over a two-month period, a process that also proved smooth and incident-free. By centrally managing the platform from Van Gansewinkel’s Eindhoven location, the team could ensure that all quality-related data entered could be tracked and resolved in the fastest time possible, with all data reported to regulatory authorities quickly and accurately.

“Since implementing TrackWise, the software has become a critical part of our business, said Van Lent. “We’re capturing, tracking and reporting more deviations than were possible before, and we can close the loop on incidents efficiently no matter where they occur. Most importantly, our users feel a level of comfort with the system that has made it a part of their daily routine, making quality management a painless process for all involved.”


Now live with TrackWise for several years, Van Gansewinkel has reported a track record of 100 percent connectivity to the system since deploying, with no login issues ever reported by users. The company is able to manage and track more than 7,000 deviations within TrackWise, whereas its Excel- and Access-based systems had only enabled it to manage 80 incidents at a given time. The company’s use of the platform has grown to include more than 100 distinct applications across its entire organization, including change control, all of which can be accessed and entered by operational employees, a major change for the company. Now, changes instituted in one of the company’s multiple European offices can be quickly accepted and made standard operating procedures across the organization, reducing the time previously required to implement these procedures exponentially.

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