Case Study

DSM Chooses TrackWise to Increase Visibility and Transparency

DSM Nutritional Products is one of the world’s leading suppliers of vitamins, carotenoids and other fine chemicals to the feed, food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. They are also the global leader in nutrition innovation. The organization has gone through a tremendous transformation since its founding. The company began over 100 years ago in the coal mining industry in the Netherlands, where their headquarters is still located. Over the past three years, their business strategy has led to over €2.8 billion in acquisitions, in the Nutritional Products division, which has helped transform their business into a supplier that provides goods to consumer products companies. The business has sales of over €9.1 billion and employs over 23,500.

DSM aims to set the benchmark when it comes to quality by delivering innovative products, processes, and solutions that add value to both the organization and end-users. They are committed to consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations regarding brand, quality, and service and have established quality as a key differentiator across the ecosystem. In other words, they’ve positioned themselves as the premium player in the nutritionals market, and they have the facts to back up their premium quality claim. Consequently, consumer product good companies buy from DSM due to the quality and consistency of the product and the customer service. DSM’s ‘Quality for Life’ program focuses on being First Choice for their customers, consumers, employees and suppliers.

As a result of DSM’s acquisitions in the business and standardization across the globe, their share price has seen rapid growth this year. Shares are up more than 25% and are outperforming the market in general.*

“From the sourcing of ingredients to product development to the processes and technologies we employ to produce our products, to ensuring the security of supply to global markets…we are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers." - DSM Nutritional Products, Quality: Getting it right every time DSM Chooses TrackWise to Increase Visibility and Transparency

The Problem
As a leading nutrition manufacturer, DSM Nutritional Products has always regarded quality management as a top priority and spared no expense or resource to collect, track, and report on its quality processes. In order to manage existing global facilities, newly acquired companies, and a complex global supply chain, DSM Nutritional Products decided to implement a single integrated quality management system that would allow them to support their current infrastructure and to streamline quality process adoption for any future acquisitions. The system had to support their commitment to their customers regarding quality and ensure visibility across the enterprise. They planned to make a significant investment in quality in order to create a global standard and to protect the DSM brand.

DSM Nutritional Products has a keen ability to run a global business by creating 'links' throughout the world. TrackWise is one of those links." Dr. Stephen Heck, Director of Quality Management, DSM 

DSM Nutritional Products needed a quality system that would globalize, standardize, and automate multiple processes throughout all entities of the business by eliminating disparate solutions, provide visibility into their quality processes across the entire enterprise, and improve collaboration between different regions, offices, and departments. Finally, DSM needed a way to create a common language across all entities throughout the world and they decided to do this by implementing TrackWise.

The Solutions

DSM Nutritional Products chose Sparta Systems’ TrackWise enterprise quality management software due to its scalability and configurability to meet the company’s business needs. DSM Nutritional Products viewed TrackWise as a strategic tool to manage its core processes on a global platform creating a standard way of operating across all markets and all countries. DSM implemented 17 core processes on a single platform. Their Enterprise Quality Management System was introduced in 86 sites across the globe with over 1,800 users. DSM Nutritional Products was able to create a global and local view and connection among sites and divisions that allowed for increased transparency. Their quality system has enabled them to escalate issues faster, improve communications with external stakeholders, proactively deal with issues, and identify resource issues.

The Results

  • DSM’s ability to use the evidence captured in the TrackWise solution to continuously improve business operations.
  • Create a global brand that promises value and quality as its differentiator.
  • Increase revenue by continuously delivering on customer expectations of value and quality.