Global Agrochemical Company Implements TrackWise

Business Challenge

A leading agrochemical company with a global presence in crop protection products, including insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides, sought an improved means of tracking, managing and controlling its product and technology registration processes to ensure global regulatory compliance.

Initially, the company utilized a homegrown software application to track the registration of active ingredients used in its products. Active ingredient registration is a necessary component of regulatory compliance which can get very complex very quickly with multiple products being sold into multiple markets all of which must meet national, regional and local regulatory requirements.

However, the scalability and performance of the company’s solution could not support the growing needs of the organization. They had outgrown the capability of its legacy tool and therefore sought a new scalable, centralized solution using industry best practices.

Ultimately their registration processes demanded a unified central view of its registrations and tracking activity to ensure compliance and sought such transparency as a means of streamlining control and visibility through a single enterprise solution.


The company procured Sparta Systems’ TrackWise® Quality Management Software (QMS) and quickly implemented the new solution in order to:

  • Track and improve compliance of federal registrations
  • Track registered manufacturing by country
  • Utilize data from their internal system
  • Leverage existing documentation and reference data systems
  • Ensure a strong link between registered product and its corresponding product launch


The new TrackWise solution enabled the company to leverage existing documentation of stored registration data without causing major disruption and eliminated the inefficient and error-prone work practices of manual data entry and management. In addition, TrackWise provided a dynamic link between product registrations, and the corresponding product launches and business units that needed to view them, ensuring that only compliant registered products enter the marketplace.

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