7 Must-Have Quality KPIs 

...and how to build them!

Your quality management system can transform your company by improving processes, reducing waste, and lowering costs. At the same time, it can help you build safer products, ensure compliance, and instill confidence that generates more sales. But, these benefits can only be unlocked by using the right quality metrics to drive timely and informed decisions. 

This webcast provided 7 key performance indicators (+ how to build them) that leading quality management teams use to benchmark operations and create actionable insights that decision-makers can count on, including: 

• Challenges around capturing KPIs and how to overcome them
• Developing a data-driven approach to quality management
• Monitoring your QMS through real-time dashboards and reports
• Using data analytics to make smarter business decisions
• How digital transformation has changed data capabilities

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Sameer Kadam

Principal Solutions Engineer

Sparta Systems

Jonathan Ragati

Director of Digital Delivery

Process Stream

Nito Lugo

streamLYTICS Delivery Team Lead

Process Stream

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