TrackWise QualityView



For the past three years, the top technology priorities for CIOs have been cloud computing, mobile technologies, and “analytics and business intelligence.” These priorities also resonate with quality management professionals.

Sparta Systems’ TrackWise QualityView enables better decision making, faster by analyzing quality data without the high cost of implementing and maintaining external or homegrown quality business intelligence solutions.

Users can easily create adhoc, customized, interactive reports to address immediate business issues, and to help prevent future quality incidents, especially those attributable to third party suppliers or contract manufacturers.

With its advanced analytical power, TrackWise QualityView leverages predictive statistical models that can assess the likelihood of error along a manufacturer's supply chain, automatically updating and assigning a risk score to each supplier based on historical data and audit results.

If a risk score falls below a set threshold, a predefined action plan can immediately be initiated to help mitigate risk and prevent quality issues from happening in the future.

The application is fully embedded into TrackWise EQMS, providing an intuitive, user friendly experience, while decreasing IT support costs, improving data security and shortening time to insight and action.

Make better use of your quality data today with Sparta Systems’ TrackWise QualityView.