TrackWise Mobile



Technology is changing the way we do business. We are entering a new era of transformation, requiring agility and efficiency across the enterprise. Accessing information anytime, anywhere, with a simple, full featured user interface is now a requirement, not an option.

Based on a recent survey by InformationWeek, technology professionals expect tablets and smartphones to play an increasingly important role in business productivity over the coming years.

Let’s take a look at a typical manufacturing company and see how TrackWise Mobile is used to improve the speed, efficiency and accuracy of quality incident reporting.

This is John, a Quality Inspector for ABC Manufacturing. He supervises manufacturing operations.

One of his responsibilities is to check boxes and the quality of packaging. Everything seems to be in order until he notices a mislabeled box.

With his iPad, John takes a picture of the box and creates a quality incident record immediately.
By using TrackWise Mobile, the information is entered upon observation, resulting in more accurate data capture and rapid visibility of issues as they occur.

Here’s Rucha. She’s the Senior Process Engineer at ABC Manufacturing.

Rucha receives an email about John’s quality incident record, but can’t review it. Using TrackWise Mobile, Rucha reassigns the record to a colleague, Mark Smith. Mark will investigate the incident and forward to Nancy, their boss for final approval.

This is Nancy. She’s the Director of Quality. Nancy is about to depart on a business trip.

Nancy sees an automated email notification regarding an incident that requires her attention. Nancy reviews Mark’s investigation and assessment. She approves it, and her approval is received immediately back at corporate.

With its inherent 24/7 anywhere capabilities, TrackWise Mobile enabled ABC Manufacturing to complete the approval process, efficiently and accurately with negligible impact on the product’s time to market.

TrackWise Mobile enables quality management anytime, anywhere.