The Ultimate Enterprise Quality Management System



We basically implemented TrackWise about seven years ago.  The scope of what we currently use TrackWise for covers a broad range of stuff.  It covers everything from our complaint handling, our CAPA systems, non-conform material, our supplier management system for both corrective actions, supplier audits, supplier report cards.  We have about 30 workflows now implemented.  We have just about eight divisions currently using TrackWise.  We have about a thousand users in total that has grown pretty much, I would say, almost double this year alone. 

So it's been an aggressive roll out roadmap this year where we've got a lot of benefit out of having all these workflows done.  It makes it consistent, the processes.  So from a compliance standpoint, it's really, it's made a big difference for us to actually have a consistent process to roll up to a new division that we're taking on.  So that's kind of been the biggest benefit we've seen as far as utilizing the system.