Integrated Quality Solutions



How can you prevent quality issues from significantly impacting customer loyalty and your bottom line?

Sparta Systems industry leading solutions help resolve quality issues and more importantly, can help prevent them from happening again.

TrackWise Mobile provides accurate data capture and faster visibility of issues as they occur.  

Sparta Systems not only helps manage quality within the enterprise, but also across the supply chain. Using Stratas it's easy to initiate, track and manage a supplier investigation providing greater visibility and control into the supplier network. As the supplier completes each quality task, Stratas communicates with TrackWise in real-time consolidating quality data in one place. the data is complete, standards based, accurate and time stamped and is a single point of truth for all parties. 

Having identified a misaligned printer cartridge as the source of the problem, the supplier defines the corrective and preventive actions which are documented in Strtas. 

Furthermore, TrackWise QualityView helps companies analyze their quality data to make better business decisions. TrackWise QualityView advanced reporting, analysis and predictive capabilities enables the manufacturer to create a predictive model.

Using the full suite of Sparta Systems solutions, the manufacturer is able to quickly record the problem, communicate with the supplier, and improve the overall quality process going forward. In addition, they're able to proactively mitigate further risk.

For twenty years, Sparta Systems has been leading quality management innovation through its flagship solution TrackWise. This continues today with the addition of the next generation cloud solution Stratas. Learn how to ensure quality and accountability across your supply chain.