Product Registration Tracking in the Chemical Manufacturing Industry



Today, chemical companies must meet increasingly complex global regulatory and compliance requirements.

Among these challenges is the process which requires companies to register products and active ingredients with each regulatory agency of every country in which they intend to distribute product. Any problems with this process can lead to significant delays in product launches resulting in millions in lost revenue.

Most chemical registrations are managed in paper-based or spreadsheet documents resulting in a lack of transparency, data consistency, and documented changes.

To overcome these challenges more chemical companies are automating their product registration process using Sparta Systems’ TrackWise enterprise quality management software. TrackWise improves the management, tracking, and reporting of global registrations and submission activities. It also enables integration between product registration tracking and other key processes such as change control, testing, and document reporting.

By automating product registration, companies are able to improve process efficiency, visibility, and traceability, reduce errors that can delay regulatory approval, and minimize revenue risk.

Learn how Sparta Systems can streamline your product registration process and create operational efficiencies today.