Driving Performance in Life Sciences Manufacturing

Making Industrial Transformation Real with Quality 4.0 Technology

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Quality 4.0 initiatives are rapidly gaining momentum in the life science industries. Pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies have been among the early adopters of Industrial Transformation, and many are focusing these initiatives on transforming quality and regulatory compliance.

During this webcast, LNS Research Analyst, Dan Jacobs, and Sparta Systems VP, Steve McCarthy, discuss how you can define & deploy a successful Quality 4.0 project that creates a competitive advantage.
Highlights include:
  • Why 49% of Industrial Transformation initiatives focus on improved quality and regulatory compliance
  • The rise of the digital quality leader in life sciences
  • How to build and execute a use case map to avoid digital silos
  • How to select the right Quality 4.0 technology that reduces time to value by 15 months
  • What defines a successful Quality 4.0 project