Medical Device Webcast:

Using innovation in quality management to create new opportunities and value in the MedTech industry

Industry 4.0 and digital transformation are bringing positive disruptions throughout the MedTech industry. This webcast will focus on how these trends are impacting quality management and creating new opportunities to drive operational efficiency and patient-centricity. We will also examine the role of new innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their real-world applications in a modern Quality Management System (QMS).

Join our speaker, Steve McCarthy, VP of Digital Innovation at Sparta Systems, as he shares industry insights on key topics including:

  • The micro and macro industry trends impacting quality as well as new digital innovations – from 3D printing to digital implantable, wearable devices. Learn how your quality management strategy is key to their success.

  • Patient-centricity and how an increased pressure on 'outcome' is bringing a growing shift in the medical device point of manufacture. Learn how to support this shift through a flexible yet standardised QMS platform.

  • Patients' significantly increasing influence over how and where they are treated; and how today they not only search digitally and buy digitally, but complain digitally too! Learn how to adapt to this new environment and ensure quality throughout the value chain.

  • The need for Quality Management Systems to be equally innovative in order to ensure the promise new medical device product innovations bring. Learn about the latest innovations in Quality Management that are changing the industry. 

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