Make better decisions faster.

TrackWise QualityView is a powerful reporting and analytics solution that seamlessly connects to your TrackWise data. With QualityView, users can easily spot trends and outliers, and provide meaningful analytics to decision makers in a timely manner.

  • Comprehensive self-service tools.
    Leverage highly interactive, self-guided analytical applications that make it easy to build reports and dashboards – no advanced technical knowledge or expertise required.  
  • Simple user controls. 
    Modify reports on the fly with simple checkboxes & filters. Leverage simplified dashboards to view data critical to job role or the task at hand. Receive email alerts when thresholds are reached.  
  • In-depth reporting and analytics. 
    Perform deeper data exploration, so analysts and other users can uncover root causes and critical patterns & trends.

With TrackWise QualityView, organizations can quickly adopt best practices track and report on essential TrackWise quality processes.